2023 Winter Shipping Notice

To Our Dear CableMod Customers,

As we’ve now come to the latter half of December, we’d like to wish you happy holidays, and thank everyone for their immense support over the past year.

The last few weeks has been humbling, as we experience what can only be described as a deluge of orders, especially for our new 12VHPWR items. We didn’t in our wildest estimates forecast this level of demand, and our production team has been all hands on deck for weeks on end.

For those who are new to the CableMod family, we make scheduled production facility upgrades every year around the January/February timeframe in an effort to help produce orders more efficiently. This time is almost upon us, and we wanted to give people a heads up.

The last date we will be accepting orders is December 31, 2022. Orders received on or before this date will be produced and shipped as normal. Orders that are received after December 31, 2022 will be processed after our factory upgrades are complete, which we estimate will be roughly February 6, 2023. If you’d like to put in your order before the cutoff date, we humbly suggest you do so soon in order to avoid disappointment.

On January 1, we will lift the single cable order restriction, and will begin notifying people on the waiting list that they are free to place their order. People on the waiting list have 48 hours after receiving their notification to order, and reserve their spot in the production queue once our production facility is back online.

Thanks to everyone for their incredible support in 2022, and for their patience as we work to make things even better for our customers.


Your Friends at CableMod