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CableMod EU Store Duties and Taxes Promotion

Shopping online is a wonderful thing, but having to pay additional duties and taxes on your overseas purchases is not fun. To combat this, we’ve worked directly with our shipping companies to make sure that all duties and taxes are prepaid for our customers. This means that all pricing on the site are exactly what you pay – no extra fees and no surprises! The shipping fee on the CableMod EU Store is a flat 25€.

In order to make this happen, we are setting a minimum order amount of 69€ (including the 25€ shipping fee) across the entire site. Simply order at least 44€ in product, and you are good to go!

Here’s a quick example of a shipment to Germany:

Item Competitors CableMod Savings
MSRP 99.90€ 99.90€
Shipping 29.90€ 25€
Import Duty 24.66€
DHL Import Fee 14.88€
Total 169.34€ 124.90€ 44.44€

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I qualify for this promotion?
A: Simply order at least 69€ (shipping included) at the CableMod EU Store.

Q: Will I still be responsible for paying duties and taxes on my order?
A: No – we will handle all duties and taxes from our end. Less hassle for you!

Q: Can I place orders that are less than 69€?
A: No – we have placed a 69€ minimum order amount on the CableMod EU Store to make sure that we aren’t paying completely out of pocket for all the fees charged by both the courier companies and customs.