Why CableMod?

Cables Perfected.

With input from some of the world’s top modders and enthusiasts, CableMod cables are made to be the best PC cables on the market.

What makes CableMod cables better than the rest? See why our cables are a cut above the competition.

Industry-Leading Sleeving

CableMod cables begin with our signature ModFlex and ModMesh sleeving. Whether you prefer the soft and supple feel of ModFlex, or the vivid color and durability of ModMesh, these sleeving options have been painstakingly developed to give each and every cable a premium look and feel.

Quality You Can Trust

Unlike some companies that only perform random spot checks, every CableMod cable is tested and retested for quality and compatibility before shipping. In fact, CableMod is the only sleeved cable maker to achieve UL certification, which means you can count on our cables day in and day out.

Invisible Wires

No matter how much time is spent on cable management, bare wires can ruin the look of any build. With the ultra-dense weave of both ModFlex and ModMesh sleeving, wires underneath Cablemod cables are completely invisible to ensure that only rich, vibrant color shines through.

Superb Flexibility

Routing cables that are stiff and inflexible behind motherboard trays and around components is an exercise in frustration. With flexible ModFlex and ModMesh sleeving, CableMod cables can easily bend and twist to your liking.

Easier Cable Management

Achieving the same premium look with cable extensions can be done, but this often results in excessively long and unwieldy cables to manage. CableMod offers cable replacements, which means reduced cable length and overall less cable clutter for a cleaner and easier build.

Wide Range of Colors

No two builds are exactly alike, so why settle for “close enough?” Available in a wide variety of colors and color combinations, you’re sure to find the perfect CableMod set for your dream rig.

Outstanding Value

Because of the time it takes to unsleeve and resleeve power supply cables, sleeving services can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars. Why pay more when you can achieve a premium, professionally-sleeved look with CableMod cables?